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The metamorphic rock known as soapstone is a talc-schist, commonly referred to as soaprock or steatite. It contains a lot of magnesium and is primarily made of the mineral talc. It is created by dynamo thermal metamorphism, which takes place in regions where tectonic plates are subducted and transforms rocks by heat, pressure, fluid inflow, and rock change but does not involve melting. It has been used as a carving tool for countless years. Our grades of Soapstone powder (Talc) are available from 300 mesh to 700 mesh BSS Standard. The brightness in Talc is available from 70% to 99%.

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Advantages for Polymer

Advantages for Paints

Good surface quality.

Lower mould shrinkage.

Easier processing.

Maximum Loading.

Excellent scrub resistance.

Reduced sagging.

Good coverage.

Higher loading.

Water resistance.

Features of Soapstone

Applications of Soapstone